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Anonymous Sudan Claims London Internet Exchange Attack Over Yemen Strikes

Anonymous Sudan claimed responsibility for the cyber attacks on the London Internet Exchange (LINX) on Telegram.

Anonymous Sudan, a Russia-affiliated hacktivist group comprising members from various backgrounds, has claimed responsibility for a cyberattack on the London Internet Exchange (LINX). It is one of the world’s largest exchange points.

The London Internet Exchange (LINX) is a mutually governed Internet exchange point (IXP) based in London, UK. It provides peering services and public policy representation to network operators within the UK and beyond.

The group claims its cyber attack to be a response to Britain’s support to Israel and the launching of air attacks on Yemen. Anonymous Sudan has also threatened to cause a major setback to the UK with a big cyberattack in the coming days.

On January 12, 2023, on its Telegram channel, the group posted about the attack on LINX, but this claim is yet to be confirmed. However, according to a tweet from OSINT specialists at CyberKnow, LINX’s website remained online amid the group’s claims, leaving questions about the authenticity of the claims or if they are merely speculation.

Anonymous Sudan Claims London Internet Exchange Attack Over Yemen Strikes
Screenshot: Sergey Shykevich, cyber threat intelligence manager at Check Point

For your information, the UK and the USA launched air strikes against Houthi military targets in Yemen. The UK targeted 30 Houthi military sites using 150 precision-guided munitions, killing five militants. UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak approved the military action.

Britain’s move was a response to Houthi attacks on international maritime vessels in the Red Sea. US officials reportedly fired over 80 Tomahawk cruise missiles from three destroyers and a submarine. The action also involved 22 jets from the USS Eisenhower aircraft carrier.

Anonymous Sudan is known for using massive DDoS attacks, targeting both anti-Russian and anti-Muslim groups/entities. Lately, they have been launching attacks almost weekly, targeting airlines, governments, banks, large enterprises, airports, and telcos.

In November 2023, the same group also claimed responsibility for DDoS attacks on ChatGPT and caused service disruptions. They were previously involved in cyber attacks on Microsoft’s flagship office suite, including popular applications like Outlook and OneDrive, as well as its Azure cloud computing platform back in June 2023.

Since its inception, Anonymous Sudan has been active on Telegram, warning about potential attacks and updating them live. Its key targets include Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s websites, Mossad, and also collaborated with Killnet.

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