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How to Log in to your Reseller Client’s WHM Account?

As a server owner, you can assign reseller privileges to any user under your WHM hosting. WHM users with root access can also log in and take over their reseller client’s WHM account. With it, you can directly make configurations and manage the service affairs for your client.

To Log in to Reseller WHM Account

1. Log in to your root account of WHM.

2. Select the Left side  Resellers option from the navigation menu.


3. Click on Reseller Center.


The panel for Reseller Center will open.

4. From the Reseller Actions for dropdown list, select the reseller account you want to access.

5. Click on Log in to WHM.

The WHM panel interface for the account will open in a new tab and, you can operate it as the reseller.





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