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How to manage your feature lists on cPanel WHM?

When you Create your Reseller Package’s you can choose a Feature List. This list is a group of configurations which will be available for every cPanel account inside a certain package.

You can find the Feature Manager under the Packages section inside your  WHM:

In order to create a New Feature List, you can simply choose a name and click on Add Feature List.

Or, if you wish to edit or delete an existing one, you can select a feature list under Manager Feature List section and select Edit or Delete :

After you add a new Feature List, you will see the list of all available configurations, plugins, extensions and addons you can offer to your clients:

Once you specify the feature list and are in the process of   creating a new package  you can select the desired Feature List under the

Settings section:

That’s it! Now you know how to create and manage Feature List.



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