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Israel, Czech Republic Reinforce Cyber Partnership Amid Hamas War

The director general of the Israel National Cyber Directorate (INCD) has signed a memorandum with the Czech Republic National Cyber and Information Security Agency to formally strengthen cybersecurity relations between the two countries.

Israel’s Gaby Portnoy met his Czech equivalent Lukáš Kintr to discuss current threats in cyberspace, including those caused by the Gaza conflict, as well as related cybersecurity challenges, according to a statement.

Kintr said, “It was interesting to hear what challenges the INCD faces in times of war, and how it is trying to prevent cyberspace from becoming its next full-fledged battleground. “The signature of the Memorandum will enable even closer cooperation between experts from both institutions, including effective sharing of information and experience, for example internships.”

For his part, Portnoy noted, “In the face of shared threats, this Memorandum of Cooperation reaffirms our commitment to standing together, leveraging technology, and fostering cybersecurity awareness as we navigate the evolving landscape of the digital world.”

Israel signed similar agreements on cybersecurity partnerships with the UK and UAE last year, as part of a push to shore up cyber defenses amid a glut of cyberattacks related to the war with Hamas.

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